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The "Crystal Cast"--Cast and retrieve flies and light weight lures with spinning gear

Crystal Cast--casting bobber / float

Crystal Cast--Not a Bobber, Not a Bubble--It is a Casting and Retrieving Device!


Variety of Fish caught using the "Crystal Cast"

Big "CutBow" caught using Crystal Cast

Trout caught using Crystal Cast


I have used the Crystal Cast 

with a variety of baits, flies, and lures.

I caught this beauty, a “Cutbow”, casting a 1/8 oz. 

Luhr-Jensen “Hot Shot” with the Crystal Cast. 

I was able to cast this very light weight lure about 

60 ft. without spooking this big boy. 

These hybrid Cutthroat/Rainbow trout really fight! 

Ken Reichman 

Striper caught using Crystal Cast

Striped Bass caught using "Crystal Cast"


I am writing to let you know the 

Crystal Cast worked like a charm! 

We fly fished for Striped Bass, 

sight fishing in gin clear water 

of 1 to 2 feet, on the shallow flats of 

eastern Long Island (Shelter Island 

and East Hampton/Sag Harbor). 

We fish these exactly like Bonefish 

in the Keys or Bahamas. Our guide 

was Capt Dave Blinken. 

I attached the Crystal Cast to my G Loomis 

7 1/2 ft. rod loaded with 8 lb. test, then attached 

the exact same fly we used on the 8 wt. fly rods 

to a 4 ft. leader to the Crystal Cast. It cast a long 

way, 45 to 60+ feet easily. 

The Crystal Cast allowed the fly to have almost 

the same action as it did on the fly rod. I caught 2 

nice fish, and got several strikes. It’s really hard to find 

a technique to do this very specialized type of fishing 

with a spin rod, but the Crystal Cast did the job.

Thanks! The Crystal Cast made for a great day, and 

I now have an option for non-fly fisherman who want 

to do these trips with me.

Joe Sobara

Glen Head, New York

Large Crappie caught using "Crystal Cast"


Spin and Fly fishing -  Catching Crappie

I've always been intrigued by fly fishing, but never took the time to sit get out and give it a try. In fact, I have a brand new fly rod we won a few years ago, still haven't spooled it up yet. 

Late last season, I picked up some Crystal Cast bobbers from 

www.spinandfly.com. These bobbers are designed to help cast flies using a spinning rod.

With the heat wave we're having, I took the kids for an outing as they  were off school for Victoria day. I tied on some flies I found in a old box from my dad's 40+ year old gear, and gave it a shot just to see what happens.   

We tried the  flies on our spinning gear with the Crystal Cast. Nice surprise!  I got my first hit within a couple minutes, 

landed this 13 inch black crappie. The kids did well too!

Freshwater Phil  


Black crappie and happy kids

Crappie caught with Crystal Cast

Crystal Cast


($4.20 shipping)

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The Crystal Cast allows the Spin Fisherman to cast and retrieve flies, light-weight lures, and delicate baits when fishing surface or shallow water. The Crystal Cast's elongated body, aero-dynamic and hydro-dynamic design, and Horizontal Floatation: --Casts far --Lands on the water with less splash --Minimizes line and leader tangling --Lets you use a longer leader --Retrieves smooth --Optimizes the action of the fly, lure, or bait. 

Order Quantity of 1 ea. includes two Crystal Casts per 1 display card as pictured here.

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