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Dedicated to taking the hassle out of fishing so you can enjoy the challenge
               The Crystal Cast TM
Not a Bobber, Not a Bubble--Its a Casting and Retrieving Device!

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reel with HotShot
Using Crystal Cast  and Spinning Reel to cast 1/10 oz. lure.

Trout caught with Crystal Cast

Trout caught with
Crystal CastTM

CC with flies
The Crystal CastTM lets the Spin Fisherman cast and retrieve flies, light weight lures and delicate baits when fishing surface or shallow water...

  • Dry Flies
  • Wet Flies
  • Nymphs
  • Streamers
  • Power Baits
  • Live Baits
  • Light-weight Lures:
    • Plastic "trout worms"
    • Artificial eggs and grubs
    • Spinners and Spoons
    • Jigs and Tubes
    • Plugs
...without needing to use Fly Casting Gear or Ultra-light Spinning Equipment.

Joe Sobara, Glen Head, New York --Guide was Capt Dave Blinken www.northflats.com
Stripped Bass
I am writing to let you know the Crystal Cast worked like a charm!  We fly fished for Striped Bass, sight fishing in gin clear water of 1 to 2 feet, on the shallow flats of eastern Long Island.

We fish these exactly like Bonefish in the Keys or Bahamas.

The Crystal Cast allowed the fly to have almost the same action as it did on the fly rod.

Its really hard to find a technique to do this very specialized type of fishing with a spin rod, but the Crystal Cast did they job
Cast and retrieve delicate baits (eggs,  crickets, worms, power bait)  and lightweight plastic baits. 


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Freshwater Phil
I've always been intrigued by fly fishing, but never took the time to get out and give it a try.  So I tried some flies on my spinning gear with the Crystl Cast.  I got my first hit within a couple minutes, landed this 13 inch black crappie